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Natural Stream

Live Your Best Life

Hosted by Sayanah Janell N.D. PhD

A Complete Health & Wellness
7 Day Costa Rica Getaway

Starting at: 

$3,699- $4199p/p
(based on season & accommodation choice)


We Offer Two Packages: Volcano Springs & Pacific Coast

Your getaway starts the moment we meet you upon your arrival in beautiful Costa Rica. After a scenic drive through the lush countryside, you will be welcomed with a fresh cocktail and smiling faces at our getaway base. Each day, after a delicious meal, a few hours are devoted to the Reset Yourself Program and creating a bespoke Vision Board focused on your new goals, ideals, and personal desires. This is a laidback group atmosphere filled with insightful chats, laughter, inspiration, and uplifting vibes. Carefully selected as part of the "reset yourself" technique, the remaining hours are dedicated to free time for you to choose from local activities both relaxing, adventurous, and cultural to connect to the "Pura Vida" way of life. While we've carefully crafted two packages -Volcano Springs & Pacific Coast- both have customizable options for a private group, 

Private groups may select accommodations, customize activities, add extra meals, or choose "as is" with add-ons.


  1. Peace and Tranquility- Step away from the hustle, breathe, and relax.

  2.  A Method to clear out the clutter in your life - Time to let go!

  3.  Clarity on what you really want - No more settling for someone else’s dreams.

  4. All the Tools to create your own powerful Vision Board- No need to bring anything.

  5. Your Vision Board to take home & effortlessly attract your ideal outcomes in the months ahead. (Some workshops use digital vision board technology).

  6.  A New Lifestyle - Techniques to map out desired outcomes in each area of your life.

  7.  Friendships- Laugh & connect with like-minded people - No negative Nellies here!

  8.  Adventure! - Explore the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Bask in natural hot springs, hike live volcanos, connect with nature, enjoy a massage, marvel at incredible wildlife, & explore local culture.

  9.  Health & Wellbeing - Learn how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle starting with local organic foods & local delights.

  10. Discover PURA VIDA! An authentic Costa Rican experience tailored to your needs. 

Art Villa Wellness

Live Your Best Life  Health & Wellness Retreat


All Breakfast Included

Plant-Based Options

Gluten-Free Options


Local Restaurant Options

Private Chef for all meals

(Available for additional cost)



Coco Pod Rooms - $3,899


Atelier Villa Rooms - $3,999

Art Villa - $4,199


Iridology Consultation x 1

Live Blood Analysis x 1

Personalized Health/Meal plan

Plant Based Cooking Workshop

Meditation Sessions x 3

Reiki Treatment x 1

Mindful Motivational Workshop


(Free optional activities)

Wildlife Trails * Bird Watching

Whales Tail Natl Park Beach Day

Chocolate or Medicinal Plant Tour


Extra Reiki Session


Yoga Sessions

+$20 each

Whale Watching Boat Tour

+ $130

1 Hour Massage


Ziplining Canopy Tour


Follow-Up Consultation (3o days later)


Art Villas.jpg


Art Villas - Uvita, Costa Rica

Starting at: 

$3,799 - $4,199

(double occupancy discount available)

6 Day / 5 Night

* Oct 12-17, 2023 SOLD OUT

Feb 8-14, 2024

* May 15 - May 20, 2024

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